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Casual Contract (Hire a Bus)

Buses are given on hire to the public for purposes such as marriages, excursions etc., on the basis of rates fixed to operate between two fixed points which is known as Casual Contract.

Terms and Conditions

  • Re.1/- concession to students of recognised Schools and Colleges of the state (including interstate travel)
  • The kilometers will be calculated from depot to depot
  • Booking has to be done at least 3 days in advance with full details of the tour programme
  • Payment has to be made in advance along with 20% refundable Security Deposit
  • In case of Inter-state contract, Permit Charges and Entry Tax shall be extra
  • Furnishing of passenger list is compulsory in case of Inter-state contract
  • A day means 24 hours from the time of departure from the depot
  • In case of delayed arrival, extra amount will be recovered on hourly basis as per above rates up to 5 hours delay
  • Rs. 1000/- shall be levied as special fee per bus for more than two days Inter State Casual Contract.
  • For Interstate contract Rs. 1/- per km will be charged extra.
  • Service Tax @ the rate of 14.5% for the total amount.

Casual Contract Rates w.e.f 01-08-2016

Type of Bus No. of Seats Rate per KM (Rs) Minimum km Per day
Karnataka Sarige 55 35/- 300
Karnataka Sarige (12- meter chassis) 65 40/- 300
Rajahamsa – Executive 36 40/- 350
Rajahamsa (12- meter chassis) 44 46/- 350
Volvo-semi sleeper, Single axle-Mark I and II 45 55/- 350
Volvo-semi sleeper, Single axle-Mark I and III 45 65/- 400
Mysore City Volvo Service 38 73/- 300
Mysore city Semi Low Floor 42 40/- 250
Karnataka Vaibhava 44 46/- 350
Multi Axel (Semi Sleeper) 47/49 82/- 500
Airavat Superia 45 109/- 500
Airavat Bliss 43 109/- 500
Sleeper Non A/c 32 55/- 400
Sleeper A/c 32 76/- 400


KSRTC is sparing its buses on Casual Contract basis on day basis as well as hourly basis for the convenience of the public. On the same lines the Corporation is sparing its vehicles on Chartered Contract basis for the convenience of Schools, Colleges, Private factories, Offices, Private Companies, Public undertakings etc.

Chartered Contract Rates w.e.f 01-01-2016

S.No Bus Model Revised Rate per KM
1 Karnataka Sarige 35/-
2 Rajahamsa Executive 40/-
3 Volvo semi sleeper Single axle-mark-I and II 50/-
4 Semi Lowfloor 36/-

Terms and Conditions

  • Re.2/- per km concession to students of recognised schools and Rs.1/- per km concession to students of colleges.
  • For more details contact: 7760990560

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